A Brief History of the Hillcrest Community Hall

The people of the area saw a need for a Community Centre and as a result three men, namely Ed Mumford, Ross Phillips and Tom Kirton, formed a committee and devoted hours of their time to fulfill this need.

The acreage where the hall now stands was purchased for the sum of 26 dollars from John K. Ross of Montreal.{as revealed on the title dated September 15,1924} The hall was completed in 1926.

Formerly called the Red Lodge Community Hall, the Hall was later aptly named HILLCREST having been built on the crest on the hill. It overlooked the broad valley of Sleepy Creek, which ambled across the two districts of Red Lodge and Berrydale thus being centrally located, particularly to serve these two districts plus surrounding areas.

The father of area resident Vidah Lindner{Mr. Vauthrin} did the major construction on the hall and being an excellent craftsman built the benches, which were still in use at the time of the fire.

Public subscription and labour donated funds for construction was freely given.

In completion more funds were required for unpaid materials, a piano, and other furnishings. These funds were met by a bank loan of $1000 personally backed by the committee of Mumford, Phillips and Kirton.

The hall was the centre and heart of the community. It was the first one built in this corner of the province.
There are many precious memories: wedding dances, card parties, fall suppers, amateur entertainments, public dances, reunions.

The above information was taken from letters received at the time of the 75 years celebration held June 9,2001.
In the mid eighties the heating system was overhauled and a furnace installed.

In the mid nineties it was decided to modernize even more so a kitchen addition was added with indoor bathrooms.The community provided much of the labour and materials were purchased as needed.
A picnic shelter was built in time for the 75th celebrations.

It might be noted that the use of the hall increased because of the new kitchen facilities and indoor bathrooms. Then disaster struck!

The hall burned to the ground on October 22,2003.

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